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I'm an artist by heart. I love drawing and sketching, mainly black and white. I started art since childhood (primary grades) and touched all flavors and types of art work and almost all media.

Photography & Travel...

I've loved taking pictures since my childhood. And I'm inspired by the love I have for my home city.  I have traveled many countries and also photographed many different subjects, scenes, landscapes and moments all over the world. There's a picture around every corner. I have upgraded from "Film Camera" to "Digital Point & Shoot" to "APS-C" to "Full Frame" cameras. I enjoy Travel and all flavors of photography.


 A THOUGHT FROM MY HEART:  My wife is In-Charge of all Earth related matters and I am looking after rest of the world in whole universe (Space, Galaxies, Planets etc... except Earth)... Thanks my dear wife for giving me whole universe...!!


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